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This is one from the archives, from my 2006 "photo a day for a year" series. I had been in a photography class for a few months at this point, and was starting to be creative. As I remember, I saw a similar picture in a book somewhere, and was emulating it. The class was a film class, but I was shooting lots of stuff in digital too. When I was looking in the archive file, I think it was the time where I first realized I could be creative, and was starting to see where that would lead me. I would spend hours setting up shots and trying to recreate things I had seen. I really enjoyed that. I had been pretty lonely up to that point, and it filled the vacuum. It was such a gift.

We continue to love our new cubicle space, mostly. We are going to decorate it up on Monday, and I'll take some more pictures. We discovered that our boss can hear everything we say, even in fairly low voices, as she randomly jumps into our conversations from her office across the hall. Yippee!

Pam, our original houseguest, will be moving out over the weekend. I'm going with her tomorrow to cosign for her apartment. We are all going to Yosemite on Saturday, and she moves on Sunday. She has been a great houseguest, and I'll miss her. The good thing is that she has a great relationship with the cats, and has offered to be our cat sitter whenever we take a trip.

Praewa, the other houseguest goes back to Thailand in a week. She mostly sleeps and watches tv, so has not had much of an impact on our daily lives. I'll be getting up at 4 am next friday to take her to the airport. Bon voyage!
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