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So we got up super early to take a day trip to Yosemite. It's really only a 3 1/2-4 hour drive, so it can be done, and you can see a lot in one day. I've been there enough times to know how to get from place to place, and when certain areas will be crowded, so It worked out pretty well.

We got to the park at about 10:30 and stopped at Bridal Veil falls for a while. We drove through the valley to the far end, near the Ahwahnee Hotel. There is good parking down there, across from a meadow, and near a nice area with picnic trees and junior rock climbers. We had our picnic lunch--lots and lots of thai food and a mountain of sticky rice. After we ate we walked through the meadow to the Ahwahnee Hotel and walked around in there for a while. We caught the shuttle bus to Yosemite falls and hiked around there for a while. It was crowded, but not too crowded.

We rode around on the shuttle bus some more and ended up at Curry Village where we had some drinks and snacks. Pam bought a Dove bar, and then took off all the chocolate and just ate the ice cream inside.

We took the shuttle back to the village and walked back to our car. We drove up to Glacier point for the late afternoon view. It's pretty spectacular up there. This is a pano from my iPhone. It's pretty good for stuff like this.

Pam and her ice cream

Pam and her ice cream bar. This afternoon we took a bunch of stuff to her new apartment and she moved in. She hugged us and cried a little as we left. It is kind of a remarkable thing how we get to connect with people sometimes. It's almost always unexpected--we meet so many folks, and we never really know when the chance encounter is going to turn into a friendship. I guess the lesson in that is to treat everyone we meet as if they might become someone special to us someday.

So now we are down to one houseguest. She flies back to Thailand on Friday, and then the cats have their house back.
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