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window buddha

A Buddha image in a window, with bird nest and self-portrait, Port Costa.

After I wrote yesterday's entry, I decided to see if I could find Sadie. I looked around Facebook, and eventually found her sister, which led me to her. I sent her a note asking if I had found the right person. I had. She was surprised to hear from me. We sent notes back and forth today getting caught up. She shared my memory of how close our families had been back then, and how we always seemed to be at each other's houses. It has been about 40 years since we last saw each other.

Over the years, whenever I thought of them, the only question I really wanted to answer was if they were ok. It sounds as if they are, given all the things that happen over the years to all of us. Sadie has a fairly grainy picture of herself on her facebook page, and it looks like her. Suzie has a better one on hers, and it looks like her too.

When I am in the midst of doing things, I mostly just do them. It's not until after, when I write about it here that I start to think about what it means. I guess some of it is just trying to connect the dots of growing up, knowing that there is no possible line between some dots, and very crooked lines between others. Every once in a while it's a straight shot. But sometimes it feels like there is something more to it--a deeper meaning that is just out of my grasp. That's ok, I guess. I don't need to be able to hold it--only know that it is there.
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