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This has been our cats' water bowl for quite a while. I was cleaning it this morning and finally noticed what the picture was inside. It was the highlight of my day. lol

I made some more enchiladas this afternoon for the work potluck tomorrow. I used about half of the chili powder that I used with the last batch, cause I suspect my coworkers are clili lightweights. There's just enough in there to make your lips burn a little, but not set them aflame. Tomorrow is also the first day of the summer semester, although I don't have to do much until the middle of July, because they have psych and ob first.

The tub faucet in our guest bathroom has developed a drip drip drip. Probably from being used so much after hardly being used for years and years. I don't want to call a plumber, so I watched a couple youtube videos, and started cautiously taking it apart. I have to order a part from Pfister, but on their website, they give me about 30 separate items to choose from. In order to clearly see what the part looks like, I have to turn off the water to the house and take it out. I envision removing it, and not being able to get it back in, or having it crumble in my hands or something, and not being able to turn the water back on for a week. So it's half taken apart while I consider my next move. I guess I'm not much of a handyman, but ask me to fix a plummeting blood pressure, and I'm your guy.
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