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normal saline

The IT guy in our department bought his wife a digital SLR a few weeks ago, and has been using it way more than her. He has Lightroom, and has been quizzing me about digital workflow. Today he asked what to do if a picture was just so bad that you couldn't make it good.

"Watercolor effect!" I replied. It's my go-to for a boring photograph, or something that has potential but just can't be fixed in conventional ways. I had to take a picture of a normal saline bag for an in-class exercise today. We have the students practice timing out the bag for a particular rate. So, if you have the rate at 75 ml an hour, at what time will the bag be empty, run out, etc.

I went with the boring shot, because that's what worked for the exercise, but then played with it a little to illustrate my point for the IT guy. By the way, I really like the IT guy. He's the only other male in our department, and he's kind of like me--off the wall and hard to figure out sometimes. It's taken us a while to figure out the rhythm of our relationship, but we speak similar languages now. See what I mean? When dorks collide.

My coworkers and I had a big meeting on our project this morning. We have to present the final version the week after next, and I am off all next week, so wanted to make sure we are where we need to be. We are. It is a thing of beauty.

I watered all my plants this morning and gave my coworker Anna instructions on how to babysit them while I'm gone. She asked what she needed to do with Mr. Bill. "Reassure him," I replied.

I am off for 8 days. We will spend the afternoon tomorrow with our friends, then drive up to Oregon on Sunday morning. It is coolish and drizzly, but I don't care. I love coolish and drizzly.
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