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57167--On the Rogue River


We had a nice drive up Highway 5 on our way to the Oregon Coast. We had lunch at a rest stop that used to be part of an olive orchard, and is surrounded by gnarly old olive trees. WE bought our lunch at a place that sells all sorts of olives, and we bought a few jars.

Highway 5 going north is so much nicer than going south. There are all sorts of things to see and plenty of trees, rivers, and mountains. And there are rest stops about every 30 miles.

Mt. Shasta. The source of our water supply, and a constant presence for a good part of our drive this afternoon.

We stopped in the town of Dunsmuir, which sits on the upper Sacramento River. We wandered around looking in antique shops, and bought a wooden chicken. As we walked up one street, there was a box on the ground with a sign above it that said "Free". There was all sorts of stuff in the box, including two champagne glasses. We had just remembered that today was the fifth anniversary of when we legalized our marriage in the US, so we saw this as a sign. We took them with us, and said thanks to whoever put them there for us to find.

We are staying overnight in the town of Grants Pass. We are at a funky old drive-up motel, in the Napoleon room. We had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the Rogue river, and sat outside as the sun set. We came back to our room and toasted our anniversary with our new glasses. It was a nice day.

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