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57168--Going Costal


WE took our time leaving Grants Pass. It's a cool little town and we drove around for a while looking at things. We went to the Fred Meyers to get some sandals for Malida and ended up buying a bunch of clothes for me. No sales tax in Oregon! Our plan was to have lunch at the Japanese place that was closed yesterday, but it was closed today too, so we ended up in a little Chinese-American place that offered prime rib for $6. I went with the mongolian beef, which was pretty good.

We decided to take the scenic route to the coast, which took us through redwoods before dipping us back down in California for a bit prior to reentering Oregon on the coast. It was a lovely drive. We stopped along the Smith River for an afternoon snack.


It was supposed to be somewhat rainy on the coast, but we encountered a spectacular, though windy, day. We took our time driving up, and didn't get to Florence until about 6 pm. We went to old town for dinner, then came back to relax.


The view from our room.
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