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57169--a day on the coast (and sushi)

After a leisurely wake-up and breakfast, we took off up the coast to see what there was to see. Our first stop was across from the Heceta Head lighthouse. The last time we were up here it was fogged in, and we couldn't see much, but today was beautiful.

heceta head

IN addition to the beautiful view of the lighthouse, there were a bunch of nesting birds below us on one side, and sea lions on the other. I can't upload my pictures from the big camera, so these are all iPhone photos.

After looking at the view, we ended up on a long beach that was pretty much deserted except for us and a family of four. Our family took pictures of them, and they took pictures of us, and then we split the beach in half and had the southern half all to ourselves. We walked for about an hour. There is nothing like walking on a beach on a beautiful day.


Not precisely the beach we walked on, but you get the idea.

We continued driving north toward Newport. Malida has been hankering for Japanese food for a few days now, and we stopped at a place we found along the way.


I think this is the guy who owns the place, but he is an old man now. He still makes great food.

The reason I wanted to go to Newport is that there is an asian market there. One of the deal-breakers for moving up here for Malida is that she won't be able to find the stuff she likes, particularly green papayas for papaya salad. We found the market. It is half-market and half-gift shop, but the lady who runs it is very friendly. She greeted us with ginger candies. And she had a green papaya in the "produce section". She gets them from California. She tells us there are three or four Thai families in the area that buy from her.

On the way back from Newport, Malida was pointing out all the houses for sale, and figuring out how often she would need to go back to Sacramento to get supplies if we relocate here. haha!

On the way back we stopped at another place and hiked a half-mile down to the rocks below. It was a beautiful spot. One of about a million or so along the coast.


The squeaky Buddha takes a rest along the path. After I took this picture, I forgot to put him back in my pocket, and remembered when I was almost back to the top. Malida said "leave him", but I hiked back down to get him. He's been with me for a long time.

As we got back into Florence, we stopped at the Fred Meyer and I got a pair of green lawn flamingos. I guess they have something to do with the Oregon Ducks, but I thought they would go good with my pink ones. Photos to follow, I'm sure.

After we got back, we went swimming in the hotel's indoor pool, and took advantage of the hot tub. It was so relaxing! Then we went to dinner across the river and watched the sun set. Now I'm writing this and taking 15-minute exposures of the river and bridge. It's a good day.
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