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57170--another (and last) day on the coast)

windy beach
Me on the beach with the seagulls.

We are staying at Gold Beach, on the southern Oregon coast. We have a nice room that overlooks the ocean and has a little hot tub on the deck. Interestingly, it is the least expensive room we have had on this trip. Off season, I guess. It is incredibly windy down on the beach, to the point that I worried about my camera. I am guessing my sensor is saturated with micro particles of sand.

We spent yesterday with my uncle and cousin. It was good to see them and visit. We went out for mexican food. After we dropped them off we drove down to the coast. On the way we saw two deer, which Malida took as a sign that we should move up here. We looked around a little more today, and decided if we did move, it would probably be closer to Portland.

As we drove down the coast this afternoon, we talked about what we would need to do in order to move. We decided to come back in a few months and look around the north coast area. I'm going to complete the application for an Oregon nursing license.

The last time I moved from one state to another, all my belongings, and my dog, fit in my car.

Shelter from the storm.

Tomorrow we cross back into California and sleep under the redwoods.
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