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57171--turtles all the way down

This is a leftover from a few nights ago. It's a 15-minute exposure off the balcony. I wasn't going for a 15-minute exposure, but forgot to shut it off. I'm not sure where the red halo came from, but I suspect it is the filter that's on the end of the lens.

We left this place two days ago, and stayed at a funky old place in Gold Beach last night. It was right on the beach, but it was so windy we barely ventured out. Instead we lounged in the hot tub and swam in the pool, that had an old-school deep end. It said no diving, but I did anyway.
The Coquille River Lighthouse

This morning we headed back into California, and are staying in Trinidad for a few days. We did some hiking in the redwoods this afternoon. It was refreshing after the oppression of the salt air (kidding).

This is in Prairie Creek State Park, where we used to go camping when I was a kid. We'll be coming back out here tomorrow to do some more hiking and have a picnic lunch.

paul and babe
One of my souvenirs from this trip. So far I have a set of green lawn flamingoes, a bobble-head lawn gnome, and this latest addition--Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. I'm thinking of adding Paul and Babe to my office support staff.

Home soon.
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