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57172--Today, and a day like today

A leftover from the other day--Malida gets all ninja on the beach.

We had plans to take two hikes this morning. One before lunch and one after. Well, we slept in until almost 10, and then lazy-ed around for another couple hours. It's nice to not have anything pressing you into some sort of action.

Eventually we had breakfast around 1, then headed out to the redwoods. We found a nice hike to a waterfall. Half uphill and half down. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had the trail all to ourselves.


Here is the waterfall. It was a nice spot to stop and appreciate where we were. I took some pictures and some time exposures.

A banana slug we encountered on the trail. One of several. I saw a short fat one too that reminded me of Mook.

After our walk we came back to the cabin and cleaned up before we went out to get something to eat. After dinner we went down to the beach for a bit and said goodbye to the waves.


Green flamingo says, "goodbye waves!" and waves goodbye.
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