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I felt pretty good this morning and went down to the courthouse to fulfill my civic duty as a prospective juror. It was slow down there. I spent the entire morning watching episodes of Breaking Bad on my iPad, and staring down at the security checkpoint below where I was sitting. For me, one of the best things about going to jury duty is watching all the people come and go. We went the entire morning with out them calling a jury panel, and got released for a two-hour lunch at 11:30.

farmer's market

It was nice outside, not too hot, so I took a walk around the downtown area. There was a farmer's market in Cesar Chavez park, a few blocks from the courthouse. That's the other good thing about being on jury duty on a Wednesday. I bought a bunch of fruit to take home. I ran into the people who sell pears in pear season, and today they were selling cherries. The lady remembered my pear photographs.


I got a little short of breath walking back to the courthouse, and had to use my inhaler. This doesn't seem to be clearing up as fast as I would like it to. I still had an hour, so I drove over to the office to visit with my colleagues and water my plants. I sat for a while and felt better, then drove back to court.

The called us all into the jury room around two. I thought they were sending us home, but they had a panel. I was on the panel, and went up to the courtroom. I have to go back tomorrow for jury selection. I'm always happy to serve on a jury, but equally happy to be excused, so I'll see what happens.
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