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We are on our way to the coast. It is a 5 1/2 hour drive out to where we are going, so decided to break it up and are spending the night in Ukiah, made famous by the old Doobie Brothers song, which I am now listening to. We found a very nice budget motel that is much nicer than many higher priced places we have stayed at up this way.

One of the towns before Ukiah is Hopland, and as we passed through, I remembered that I took some folks up to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company last week for a brewery tour and lunch. On the tour I learned that beer has four ingredients--water, yeast, barley, and hops. They took us into the hops room and let us play with the hops for a bit. It was a really great tour and we had a delicious lunch in the brewery restaurant.

Here are some hops for you to ponder. Next time you drink a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, rest easy, because I washed my hands first.

The Doobie Brothers got me through the first paragraph, and now I am listening to the Decemberists' album Hazards of Love. One of the things that changed for me last year was that I am now listening to way more music than I have in a long time, much of it new. There is so much great music being made these days, but not a lot of people hear it, because it is not played on commercial radio. This album isn't new, but it was a group I discovered this year. If I can manage to keep writing here, and I hope I can, I will probably write about what I am listening to more.
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