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58004--The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

We got up just in time to miss the standard hotel breakfast, but had some coffee before heading out to take a look at the City of 10,000 Buddhas on the edge of town. It is one of the largest Buddhist communities in the western hemisphere, on the site of the former state hospital grounds, which is exactly what it looks like, only with a lot of Buddhas.

It was a beautiful morning, and we wandered the grounds and saw all sorts of peacocks, who are very friendly.

After that we headed out toward the coast. The road out there is lovely at any time. of the year, with vineyards at one end, redwood groves at the other, and gently rolling hills in between.

We stopped in at the Navarro Winery to partake of the fruit of the vine and buy a few bottles to take home.

We were going to eat at a good Mexican restaurant in Philo, but it was closed on Sundays. It will be open when we are on our way home though, so it's all good. Instead, we ate at the Mendocino Cafe in town, home of the famous flying Thai burrito. After lunch we checked into our little cottage and had a nap.

We walked down to the beach just before sunset and took a walk. We love this place. It sits on the bluff just above the beach. We first learned about this place from judywatt, who loved to come up here.

Malida walks on the beach.

We sat and watched the sun go down, then headed back up. Now we are drinking wine and listening to the new album by Damien Rice, which is about perfect for the mood.
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