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58007--Home again home again

Home again after a lovely few days on the coast. We left just after breakfast, and made it home in just about 5 hours. The place we were going to stop for lunch was closed again, so we just drove through with just a bathroom stop about halfway. Before we left the coast we stopped at one of the little beaches and walked around for a bit.

It was another really nice day. One of the women I talked to up there mentioned that they never have weather like this in January. Although she admitted she liked it, she added that she didn't want it to be a permanent thing.

After having my cameras sitting on the table for most of the past year, it was nice to take them out and use them. They seemed happy to get out of the house. Sometimes having a cellphone camera in the pocket is just too easy. Anyway.

A leftover from yesterday. I prepared 5 photos to post, but only had the energy to post the one. But that one was my favorite of the trip.

This is the stream where I took the leaf picture. If you look really hard, you will see Malida sitting on the log just to the left of center.
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