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58008--Happy birthday Elvis

I woke up this morning intending to go into the office and do stuff to prepare for the semester, but had a headache, so stayed home instead. The headache eventually evolved into a lot of sneezing and congestion, so I guess I have a cold or something. If I am going to be sick for a bit, now's the time.

I also had plans to hike around at the nature preserve, but laid down on the couch instead and napped with the cats. When it's nap time, they both sleep on me--one along each leg. It's fine until I have to move, then it is a flurry of activity before we all settle down again.

alegria breakfast
I took this with my cellphone while I was waiting for my oatmeal at breakfast yesterday. I don't like eggs, so Elaine, the innkeeper and breakfast cook always tries to think of something else to serve me. Yesterday it was savory oatmeal--oatmeal topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, broccoli and walnuts. It was delicious. Just one of the reasons we love the place.

I get together with some online friends a few evenings every week to listen to music together. We meet in one of those virtual reality things and take turns playing music for each other. One of the guys played The Lone Bellow last week, and I wrote it down. Now I am listening to it and really like it.

Malida has me all hopped up on vitamin C, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. If not, it will be a nice excuse to push back the impending semester for another day.
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