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58010--Not the Bronx

A year ago today I was in Frankfurt, toward the end of our visit, and soon to board a train to Paris. I walked the neighborhood where Malida's family lives and came across some graffiti. There is quite a bit of it--much more than I remember from when I was there before. We were looking at some of the pictures from our trip and wishing we could go back. We will, but not for a few years. We will go to Thailand this year to visit the family.


9 things I do every day.

I'm not sure why everyone else who is doing this avoids the basic functions of human life. Not me.

1. Poop.
2. Brush my teeth. I have had the same dental hygienist for better than 20 years. There is always one spot she really has to work at. Last time she told me it was making her hand hurt, so I have adjusted my technique and spend 30 seconds there. I don't want her hand to hurt on my account.
3. Read the paper--see #1. I still have the paper delivered every morning.
4. Coffee. A day without coffee is not even a day.
5. Give the cats their crunchy treats. This comes just after I make coffee. They are conditioned to come running when they hear the coffee pot. If I sleep in, they prompt me--"Time for coffee!"
6. Look at my news feed. I have an aggregate of news sources that I look at. Stuff from all over the spectrum.
7. Hug my wife.
8. Listen to some good music.
9. Have a glass of wine.
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