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58013--no meme today

I went back to work today for a few hours. I have been off since December 19th. I had kind of planned to go in periodically over the break, but I liked not being there. So now I have a bunch of stuff to get done before the semester starts.

One of my nieces came over this afternoon to look at my old car. She wants to buy it. Since selling my car was on my list of things to do during the break, it works out perfectly. I will give her a good deal.

It was another foggy day today, although it burned off in the afternoon and became a nice sunny day. We need more rain in January, not sunny days.

Today's meme was to pick six songs you are addicted to. Impossible for me.

foggy day 2

I saw a bird today. I think it was a red-tailed rejuvinating jackalope.
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