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On my Facebook feed today was a message from an old friend. Nothing big--just a link to some things you can do creatively with the iPhone camera. We were roommates for a while on my first trip to Southeast Asia way back when. I used his phone to call the friend who introduced me to Malida, to arrange the visit to Ubon Ratchathani where we would eventually meet. He lives in Malaysia now and has a nice family.

Anyway, one of the things the tutorial offered was some creative ways to use the panoramic function in the iPhone camera. I have played with it a bit, but never really creatively. Next time I am out somewhere I will try it out. In any case, I leave you today with a panoramic of one of the beaches on the Mendocino coast from last week. I love that you can see my shadow, and understand the perspective from that.


The meme thing for today is five things you can't live without.

1. Human touch.
2. A cup of coffee
3. A sense of optimism about the future
4. Some good music
5. Interaction with my cats

Music-- I am previewing the set for my internet radio show tomorrow evening, and this is one of the favorites. Want to listen in? My show airs at 6-8 pm Pacific time every Thursday on Radio Attic at: http://arakis.slstreams.net:8378/listen.pls

I go by "H. Danny Boyardee". Let me know if you listen in. It's not a continuous stream (yet), so if you log in early you won't hear anything.
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