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foggy campus

Although classes don't start until next week, I was on campus today to get some stuff done and attend some classes on teaching strategies.The goal is to move away from throwing information at students and hoping some of it sticks to getting them more engaged in the process. I will try a few things this semester and see how it works.

At lunch I drove downtown to the bank to deposit the check for the car. There was some sort of protest in front of the AT&T building. I have no idea what it is about, but i did get a picture.


Four memories I won't forget

1. Walking out into the streets of Bangkok my first morning there.

2. Eating Chinese food and drinking champagne in Florence just after I asked Malida to marry me.

3. The first time I kissed my first wife at the end of our first date.

4. Breaking a Beatles album over my sister's head cause she was annoying.
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