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58019--the word of the day is "perceive"

Two things you wish you could do:

1. Slam dunk a basketball. Have enough skills to do my own home improvements.

2. Be free to travel the world taking pictures, without any obligation, but with enough resources to pull it off.

Along the walking path at the local park. The thing tells me that one circuit of the park is about 3500 steps. I am wondering about the accuracy of the thing, because I seemingly managed to add 20 steps while eating Korea BBQ.

I took my phone back, and the guy tossed it in the DOA pile and gave me a new one, which works just fine.

Tomorrow the students come back. One of my friends asked if I was excited (she's a teacher too). I told her I was, but could easily postpone it for another month off.

Music: First Aid Kit, a group from Sweden, with a very lovely cover of the old Simon & Garfunkel tune. Find it and take a listen.
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