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Someone who has followed this journal for quite a while now pointed out to me that there is a second sequel to Gilead (thanks A!), written from the perspective of the original main character's wife. I bought it this morning on my break and read a few pages. I thought about the character of the original novel, an elderly minister in a small town who unexpectedly fell in love late in life and is now writing a letter to his young son, because he knows he won't be there as he grows up.

There are a handful of literary characters who have stayed with me since I was first introduced to them. Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth, and Huck and Jim floating down the Mississippi were among the first. Frodo Baggins and his ultimately sad journey there and back again. Owen Meany, whose voice I once channeled as I read the book out loud to my first wife when she was sick. And the Reverend John Ames, whose story captured me in such an unexpected way ten years ago.

I loved the character of John Ames. He was honest and vulnerable. I related to him in a number of ways, and didn't want to see him hurt.

Sometimes sequels are good, because you want to know more and see what happened after the last page. Sometimes you just want it to end where it ends. I am up in the air about this one.

That being said, I am looking forward to reading the new Harper Lee novel. I want to know what Scout thought about when she grew up. According to something I read, Mockingbird grew out of some of the reminiscinces the adult Scout had about her childhood in the "new" book, which was written prior to Mockingbird.

My students are all doing well in their second week in the hospital. They are still a little nervous, and I see their hands shake as they attach a syringe to an IV line. I tell them to take their time, and not feel like they need to please me. For me, that is really the most difficult thing--to get them to trust that I am there to teach them and not to look for reasons to fail them. Nursing school is difficult and challenging. They need someone in their corner.

I read an article the other day about the guy who invented the individual soy sauce package. It was an interesting read, and touched upon the nature of soy sauce, and how most "soy sauce" really isn't, but salt, water, and flavorings. So of course I immediately noticed packages of soy sauce in the cafeteria today, and grabbed one. I read the ingredients. Water, soybean, wheat and salt. It's the real thing.


Music--the Punch Brothers have a new album out. I have never been a Punch Brothers fan, but I really like this. I played it all the way through the other night and fell in love with it. I love when you can listen to an album from beginning to end and be transported.
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