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I went in early to work this morning. I had a 7 am meeting with the dean. Malida came with me, because we both had dental appointments in the early afternoon, and she needed to be on campus for her classes anyway. She always gets up after me, so it was a little difficult for her to wake up when I woke up.

We got to the campus at about 6:45. I made coffee. There seem to be a lot of coffee drinkers in the department of Nursing, but very few coffee bean buyers, so I have learned to keep my beans in my desk so they don't disappear when I am off campus.

The dean wasn't there for the meeting. Apparently it didn't get on his calendar. We are rescheduled for Wednesday at a more decent hour. I'm not sure what he wants to talk about--it was one of those, "come by one of these days and talk to me" things. I think he just wants to welcome me to the permanent faculty. He seems like a capable and friendly guy who seems to respect the people in his department. Can't ask for much more than that.

Malida came by after her first class and we went out to the courtyard outside out building and ate our lunch together. It was a pretty day out--sunny, with big fluffy clouds. We sat on a stone bench that sits near my office window. I don't know why I don't sit out there more often. It used to be one of my favorite spots when I was a student there.

That girl who is enjoying the sun is wearing a flannel shirt almost exactly like one I once had. I think she tells the story of the day perfectly.

We headed to the dentist for our appointments. We always go at the same time, and the hygienist cleans one of us and the dentist does the other. We trade off every six months. I have known the hygienist since I was a pre-nursing student--we took some prerequisite classes together, way back when. I have known the dentist almost as long. I have been going there since I first got dental insurance back in 1989. Some people don't like going to see the dentist, but I look forward to it. It's like visiting old friends.

After the dentist, we came home and took a little nap, then went out to try the new tapas place in town. The food was good, but not exactly tapas, or at least the tapas I am used to. It is located in an old brewpub where I used to go listen to live music years ago.

While I was in my photo storage site getting ready to upload today's picture, I got distracted by some of the older galleries and came across some stuff I had pretty much forgotten about. I have close to ten years of photos there--pretty much everything I have ever posted here. I love looking through that stuff and remembering where I was.

This was taken on my first visit to the new de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. There is a certain poignancy to it. I don't know the story, but I know that there is a story. As Rod Stewart observed, every picture tells a story.
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