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58041--A beautiful spring day in the middle of winter.

As the title says, it was a lovely day. I got out of the office early to go to the district office to submit my benefits papers before tomorrow's deadline. No use waiting until the last minute. There are five community colleges in our district. It surprises me that the people in the office know who I am. I guess, as some of you noted yesterday, I am not as invisible as I sometimes think I am.

All the trees were blooming in the courtyard. It was lovely to look up and see the pinks and whites against a blue backdrop.

On the way back from the district office the radio played a song called "The Change Song" by Steve Forbert, where he muses about whether change is really possible. It got me thinking about it. Is it possible to change the nature of who we are, or is it mostly cosmetic, and our core, good, bad or whatever, stays the same?

I wanted to write more about this, but I stepped in and fulfilled an obligation that someone else abandoned. Hmmmm. Perhaps I will revisit it.
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