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58053--The cloud heart factory

We went to the cloud heart factory to see how cloud hearts were made. Unfortunately there were no clouds because there was a problem with the machinery. After driving an hour and a half, it was pretty disappointing.


Just as we were getting ready to leave, a guy with a big orange wrench came along and said he knew what the problem was. All it needed was a little adjustment. He did what he needed to do and flipped the switch.

cloud heart

Soon enough the factory was producing cloud hearts again.

There's a great restaurant next door to the cloud heart factory, so we stayed for lunch.

The sun clouds are red at night
And some clouds are red in the morning
And some clouds leave grey tracks in the sky
But most of us are doing the best to float by
After all, we’re whatever you see with your eyes
Waiting on the wind to blow our friends back to our side

--Cloud (for Lhasa), the Barr Brothers
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