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January 2--Between mountain and ocean

Carson Valley
The frozen over Carson River

Yesterday we took a drive up into the Sierras to see the snow. It was a welcome sight after the past few years of drought. I think last year there was really no snowpack at all, so it's good that we are having some storms again.

The Carson valley and surrounding areas are among my favorite places, in all seasons. I love hiking up there in the summer, photographing the aspens in the fall, and playing in the snow about now. When I fished, I used to love fishing up there.

It was kind of cold--about 10 degrees F, with a little bit of wind. After we started driving home we looked for some soup, but found tasty mushroom burgers instead.

Today we are on the way to the coast for a few days. We are staying the night in a town called Ukiah, once made famous by a Doobie Brothers song. I think I wrote almost the same thing last year at this time when we were on our way to the coast and I was optimistic about being able to maintain this journal again.

Mt Tam
Mt. Tamalpais, taken from the car as I was stopped in traffic, heavily edited since it was kind of blurry.
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