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January 7--chicken and mushrooms

Today was a big laundry day after the trip. One of the by-products of having our old washer go out was that we got a new washer and dryer at the end of the year. The new washer holds about twice as much as the old one (and uses less water), so it makes doing the wash easier. Still have to fold everything though.

One of my former coworkers posted a delicious-looking recipe for chicken breasts with mushroom sauce this morning on Facebook, and I decided to try it. Interestingly, the author advertises it as a 30-minute meal, but it took just that long to fry up the chicken, even before you start the sauce. But that's ok because I had plenty of time.

Mushrooms cooking

I love almost anything with mushrooms. I like cooking with them, and use them whenever I can. One of the places we ate in Mendocino had a special--hand picked local mushrooms, found by a renowned mushroom forager (seriously), as a side dish. I was all over that. The should have used less salt.

Anyway, I made this recipe and it turned out great. The only thing I tweaked was to add some garlic. There is no garlic in the recipe, which must be an oversight. Oh, and I used about half the butter recommended, surmising that the last two tablespoons of butter were really two cloves of garlic.

Chicken with mushrooms

When I was at the store, I bought a hunk of gorgonzola cheese for I'm not sure what for, but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.

Here is a link to the chicken recipe if your are interested:

The recipe

Oh, and I received an airmail letter from India, sent by saintgeorge, which was a real treat!
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