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January 8--I'm a blackstar

I spent the morning getting stuff ready for the upcoming semester. I emailed my students and told them what to expect, and asked if they had a preference for which unit they would like to be placed on. Surprisingly, half of them have already responded. It's a good sign--a group that is paying attention.

I posted the mountains of paperwork we have to go over for clinical orientation. Ever since a lawyer took over nursing education at the hospital, it has gotten out of hand. My students have to sign 8 separate documents just to set foot in the place. Anyway, I am looking forward to starting up again.

My doctoral program starts up again next week. Sigh.

In the afternoon I went out for my start of the semester haircut. The same woman has been cutting my hair since just before my first trip to Southeast Asia almost 10 years ago. She cuts Malida's hair too. We both love her, although not enough for me to get a haircut more than three times a year.

After the haircut I went for a walk in the park. It was a lovely day.

the geese were out in force and foraging

These geese are supposed to be migratory, but they don't ever seem to go anywhere. I think they realize they found a good thing and are sticking with it.

Coronary arteries

I took almost the same picture a year or two ago. I remember looking up and thinking about how the bare branches looked like coronary arteries, which is what I did again today. One of the greatest things about photography is that it has taught me to look up. I think I will toss this into my cardiac lecture.

I got home and Malida and the cats were camped out on the couch watching Korean soap operas. I ate some leftover chicken and started thinking about how I am going to clear everything out for the flooring people. I'll start on that tomorrow I guess.

It's David Bowie's 69th birthday, and he celebrated it by releasing an absolutely amazing new album called Blackstar. Unlike anything else he has ever done, and yet so undeniably Bowie.

Mook nap
Mook uses Malida's leg as a pillow for her nap
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