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January 9--What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

workspace ready

I cleaned off my workspace and got it ready for the upcoming semester.That's one important thing I learned this time around in school--have a dedicated place to do your work, and keep it tidy. The rest of the room is a disaster, but this little corner is my safe haven.

I looked through the syllabus for the upcoming classes. I have the same professors as last time, so I know pretty much what to expect from them. I have not been able to generate much enthusiasm for starting up again yet. I kind of wonder why I am doing this.

The other thing I did was wrap up all our wine glasses in newspaper and put them in a box. This is part of "clear out the china cabinet" in anticipation of getting new flooring in a few weeks. I forgot how much stuff is in this thing. It's been sitting in the same spot since I moved in here 16 years ago, and all I've ever done is add stuff.

I'm not looking forward to the disruption of getting new flooring, but am looking forward to having new flooring. Can't wait to see what the cats make of having tile instead of carpeting.
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