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January 13--Down by the river

I had to go into town today to take care of some banking business but had some free time because the banking person who knows how to do what I needed done was at lunch, so I walked down by the river for a while. It was kind of drizzly, but not enough to deter me from walking around.

It's not that I live out of town or anything. I live in the southernmost suburbs of Sacramento, so "going into town" means going into downtown Sacramento. Which I have done regularly for most of my adult life since I worked down there. The college is south of downtown, so not so far. Ok, now we are oriented.

I could have gone into work for a while today and gotten some stuff done, but I didn't feel like it. Tomorrow is the official day back for me, and that is soon enough, I guess.

bare trees
Bare trees on this side of the river

In looking back through my images for the year so far, about a quarter of them are some sort of variation on bare trees. I love the muted colors of winter here. I am glad to be out walking around with my camera again. I used to do it every day. You used to do it every day!

I submitted my first assignment for my DNP course this evening. It was easy. A 250 word summary of what my doctoral project will be about. Diabetes something. I wish I had it nailed down more. As it is, it's like a handful of indecipherable scribbled notes that dropped and was scattered in all directions by the wind.

the other side of the river
The other side of the river

Maybe the answer is over there.
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