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January 15--the noble gases

Today was the first official day back to school. We always start the friday before the students start with a big convocation, called Convocation. It is essentially a 4 hour pep talk for the start of the semester, followed by a bunch of meetings. It was simultaneously uplifting and mind-numbing.


We had our division meeting in the chemistry lecture room. This was the room where I took my first class, way back when. I was convinced I wasn't going to pass the class, but I got an A, and I was on my way.

While people were talking, I looked at the periodic table to see which ones I remember. Vanadium stumped me for a moment, but eventually came back to me. Ahh the noble gases--what a great name. So.....noble.

I loved chemistry. I loved how you could mix stuff and make new stuff. And how things would explode. The school is celebrating its 100th year next year, and the chemistry department is putting on a "night of 100 explosions". I can't wait.

Some of my former instructors

They are tearing down our building next summer. It will be the end of an era.
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