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January 16--multiple Mooks


I was working in my office this morning and both cats were with me. Mook between my keyboard and the monitor, and Chocko behind the monitor looking out the window. They seemed content.

It was kind of drizzly outside so I made breakfast. Later it cleared up a bit and we went out to the park for a walk. We talked some more about the non-migrating geese tried to get a sense of how many there are in the park. Maybe 50 or more.

I talked to one of my doctoral classmates on the phone this morning. She lives up in Washington state. Three of our cohort dropped out over the break, so now there are only 9 of us. Yikes!

After I took the cat picture and put it on Facebook, Mook came back and sat in front of the monitor again, so I took another pic and posted that one too. Then she sat there again. It could have gone on forever.

multi Mooks

And then I ate leftover enchiladas. The end.
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