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January 18--the rising creek

I had the day off today, which was good, because I had a paper due this evening, and hadn't started it yet. So I washed the bedsheets and did all sorts of other stuff to put it off.

I went for a walk in the afternoon along the creek near our house. It is one of our favorite places to walk, and we enjoy being out there with nature. After a couple of storms, today turned out to be a fairly sunny day.

laguna creek

We had some hard rain last night, and today the creek is about as full as I have seen it in a number of years. Generally this area is just a small stream, where the turtles sit on downed tree branches and sun themselves. I sent this picture to Malida at work and she worried about the turtles. "They're fine," I assured her.

dry creek

Here's what the area looked like this summer. They eventually released a little water so that it didn't completely dry out, but it was close. I was worried about the turtles and all the other wildlife that lives along the creek back then. I am so glad we are getting some significant rain finally after the three or so drought years. You can see everything just soaking it up.

After doing everything else I could think of, I finally sat down and wrote that paper and submitted it. Piece of cake.

And now Glenn Frey. Dammit.
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