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January 20--Hello Dolley

I am usually the first one in the building on the days I am on campus, unless the dean gets there before me. But he doesn't make coffee--he has a Keurig machine in his office. So I make coffee most mornings. I don't mind. I like having coffee, and I like sharing the coffee I make. Last semester I bought a new coffee maker for the department because the old one didn't shut off automatically, and I would often find a pot with burned coffee residue in the morning.

Anyway, one of my coworkers also likes coffee, with lots of sugar. I know this because she leaves the empty sugar packets nest to the coffee maker, rather than tossing them into the trash can a few steps away. It irritates me.

Someone left a book in the break room about the 100 most influential women. As I was making coffee this morning, I read a little about Dolley Madison. I took the book to the copy room and made a copy of her picture (dodging the dean, who was prowling around). I went back to my office and typed a few words.


I so wanted to put it up above the coffee maker, but I thought it was just too passive aggressive. Maybe next week.
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