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January 21--Back to clinical

I took the students to the hospital today for their final clinical rotation before the graduate. It's always exciting to go back and take them around the hospital. The nurses love 4th semester students, because soon enough they will be caring for that nurse's entire assignment.

first day

As is my custom, I took a picture of my group on the first day. I like this group. I spent a little time with each of them individually to get to know them a bit. Interestingly I had the brother of one of them in a class about 8 years ago, and the sister of another in a class about 5 years ago.

first group
The first group I taught. They have been nurses for 10 years now.

After I left the hospital, I realized I forgot to turn in my badge to security, and they had my car keys. So I missed the shuttle bus to the parking area, 1 1/2 miles away. I was going to wait for the next bus, but it was a spectacular afternoon--mid 60s--so I decide to walk. The parking area is actually the parking lot of another hospital that closed last year. It was part of the system I used to work for. It was a nice walk, and I got there at the same time as the shuttle bus I would have waited for.

I climbed up on a bus bench and took this over the fence that surrounds the place now.

The first few clinical groups I had were at that hospital. In fact, some of my own clinical rotations were there as well. They are planning to tear it down and infill houses and a park. I loved the beautiful natural light in the stairwells. Perfect for photography.

Male nurse action figure
Male Nurse Action Figure ponders the lovely natural stairwell light

When I got home there was a package on the porch with a new 6 quart dutch oven! Can't wait to fool with it this weekend.
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