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January 23--The day I made bread and the coffee maker died.

I made some bread in my dutch oven this afternoon. Started it yesterday evening and let it sit out and do its thing overnight. This morning the dough/batter was warm and yeasty. It almost looked like sourdough starter. I added some flour and kneaded it a few times, then tossed it back in the bowl and into the oven to proof. I love that my oven has a proofing setting. It beats my old contraption, which was a foam ice chest and a heating pad.

After I fooled with the bread I made coffee. I tried to make coffee. The coffee maker light came on, but then failed to do anything else. I guess it is the heating element. It is about 10 years old, so I tossed it out and went out and got a new one--the exact same one as I had. It's a little 5-cup Mr. Coffee with a stainless steel carafe. The old one was faithful until the very end.

After I got back from shopping, I messed with the bread some more. I put the Dutch oven in the regular oven and let it get super hot. Then I dropped the dough in and put the lid on. 50 minutes later I had a delicious loaf of bread with a very crunchy crust. It was so simple. I am already thinking of ways to enhance the recipe, maybe with some garlic and herbs or something.

My friends and I listened to some music tonight. Some random funky Latino stuff and some David Bowie covers. It was good.

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