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January 24--"Word up to your cousin, man!"

For this Sunday, I had only two objectives--make some soup and finish the assignment that is due this evening. I accomplished both.

The same person who shared the bread recipe also shared a creamy mushroom soup recipe that she said was delicious. I bought the mushrooms Friday, thinking that I would make it yesterday, but bread was enough. So I got up (I want to say "early" here, but I didn't get up until about 9:30, so I don't think "early" is gonna work) and went to work on the soup. As with the bread, the recipe is simple. Mushrooms, an onion, some herbs and seasoning, chicken broth, cream, and time. I got to use my immersion blender. whee!

The soup was ready in time for lunch, and that's what we had. Malida loved it, and compared it favorably to the mushroom soup we sometimes have at a local bistro. She liked it so much that she packed up most of the rest of it to take to work and share with her friends. I liked it too. It was perfectly seasoned, and tasted great. Next time, though, a little less cream.

mushroom soup
Soup and bread--perfect for a snowy day. Except it was sunny and 60 degrees here.

After lunch we did our respective homework for a while, then went over to the park for a walk, because it was the perfect day for a walk. There were quite a few people out who had the same idea we did. I took a picture of some trees. It was under these trees that I performed my last wedding ceremony, a couple of years ago. It's not that I gave up doing it--just that no one has asked in a couple years. There are all sorts of trees in this park that have some memory attached to them. I like that.

wedding trees in winter

We came home, took a nap, studied some more, and then I cooked dinner. I went back to my assignment after dinner and finished & submitted it a few minutes ago. One down. countless numbers to go.

winter kitties at rest on a Sunday
Other than taking a few steps to the food bowl to eat, the cats generally observe Sunday as a day of rest. This is a fairly rare picture of them together.

As I was putting these pictures in my photo archive, I saw a picture I took of some random dude on the street one day about 10 years ago. He owned a shop on the street where I always walked. I took his picture, and as I was walking away he said, "Word up to your cousin, man!" I wonder whose cousin he thought I was.
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