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January 29--Doesn't Mean Shit to a Tree

Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane died yesterday. They say he is the third of the trifecta that includes David Bowie and Glenn Frey. Of course all sorts of people, musicians and otherwise, die every day, and each one touched someone's life at some point.

I remember hearing early Jefferson Airplane on the radio, They were a San Francisco band, and I was a San Francisco kid. Volunteers was one of my first albums, and the first from the Airplane. I loved it then, and when I listened to it last night, I still loved it. It evokes a mood, as all great albums do.

I got to see Paul Kantner and Grace Slick perform at a free concert in Golden Gate Park back in 1975, when they were first trying out the Jefferson Starship. It was a great concert. Jerry Garcia was there with his band, and played as well. I remember thinking that day that the world was wide open to me. Never in a million years would I have imagined then that I would be who I am today. And yet that kid is still here inside me.


According to the wristband walking thing I wear, I walked 6.3 miles today, most of that at the hospital. It's one of the things I love about clinicals. I walk a lot, and it feels good. I make a loop through the units, and keep making that same loop throughout the day.

the long walk
The long walk to the oncology unit

My students did well today. There were a lot of computer access problems. The organization doesn't expend a lot of energy ensuring that the students have a good experience with the charting system. We are pretty much an afterthought. So I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to fix access issues, and a lot of time showing them how to find things that ought to be easy to find, but aren't.

Whatever is lacking in technical support and whatever else is made up for in how well the nurses treat the students. They really take an active role in making sure my students have a good experience, and help them learn all they can. I love watching the interactions between them. I just step back at that point and let it happen.

two nurses
A nurse explains the intricacies of the charting system to one of my students

I love being a 17 year-old teenager full of uncertainty, but with a love of music, trapped in the body of a 59 year-old man, who loves what life has put before him, and who still loves the same music.

If you want to get to heaven
Over on the other shore
Stay out of the way of the gun shot devil
Oh good shepherd
Feed my sheep
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