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January 30--A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain

I was struck today by the routine in my daily life. I was thinking about what to photograph. We had lunch at the korea bbq. I photographed that experience a couple weeks ago. The cats were sleeping on the same couch they were a few weeks ago. I still have the same piles of papers on my desk.

I spent a couple hours on a video conference with my classmates hammering out our assignment. Group assignments are challenging, because it is generally five people with five very individual ideas of what is expected. We were fortunate to reach consensus on the major points, and made a lot of progress. We will meet again tomorrow to finish it up.

I have some friends who are in Vietnam this week, making their way from north to south. My friend has been posting a lot of pictures on Facebook that bring back memories of my visits there. I loved wandering around Vietnam, and Hanoi is among my favorite cities. I was surprised to see that the last time I was there was four years ago. So I didn't take any pictures today, and decided instead to post a few from Hanoi.

Hanoi tracks

This is one of my favorite pictures, from anywhere. I can't really say why, but it captured something for me. I used to have it hanging in my cubicle at work.

We were walking from our hotel to the Hanoi Military History Museum. It was kind of drizzly, but not really raining. we crossed over the tracks, and walked a little way before I turned back to take a second look and take the picture. I wonder sometimes about the photographs I walk by without noticing. The museum was fascinating--the war from the perspective of the other side. I took a lot of pictures in the museum, but never posted them here because, at the time, one of the people on my friend list had lost two brothers in the war, both pilots, as I recall.

rainy lake

Another one that I almost didn't take. It was on our last afternoon in Hanoi. We had gone to the grocery store to pick up some things to bring home with us. It started raining lightly, and looked to get heavier, so we were kind of hurrying home to our hotel. I saw this scene out of the corner of my eye as we walked past, and turned back and snapped the shot without thinking too much about it. It's another one of my favorites.
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