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January 31--The day before chaos ensues

I spent the morning alternating between moving furniture and working on my assignment, all the time thinking I would rather be sitting with a cup of coffee looking out the window. In my next life I am coming back as a cat, but a cat who drinks coffee.

Our neighborhood has one of those "Nextdoor" pages where people talk about things that go on in the neighborhood and ask for recommendations about plumbers, etc. I like reading it, but have never posted there. While I was moving stuff around, I decided to get rid of a few things. Since we don't have grass anymore, we don't need the electric lawnmower, and I can use that space to store the exercise bike while the floors are being done.

The other thing I decided to get rid of was my set of Sansui speakers that I have had for a long, long time. I no longer have an amplifier, so they have been nothing more than a flat surface to put stuff on for a number of years.


I think I bought them back in the early 1980s, but I don't really remember. But on the internet they are described as "vintage". lol

Anyway I posted for both the speakers and the mower, and both found themselves new homes in a matter of hours. The mower went to a young couple who just moved into the neighborhood. The speakers went to a guy my age who just bought a turntable and amp so he could play his albums again. If I do ever decide to listen to my albums again, I have another set of speakers slightly smaller than the ones I gave away.

Ok I am exhausted. adios!
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