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February 1--Noventa y Nueve Punto Nueve!

Oh man, I was totally unprepared for how torn apart the house would be when they came in and started working on the floor this morning. I don't know why I envisioned a relatively tranquil process. First they moved everything out on the patio. then they started ripping up the carpet and jackhammering the tile that's being replaced.

Looks tranquil enough, now. Just wait.

The cats freaked out from about the first minute and took off for parts unknown. I had planned to put them in my office with some food and a litter box, but that kind of went out the window when I couldn't find them. I ended up putting out food and litter boxes in every room they could be hiding in. Chock finally poked her head out of the closet in Malida's office this afternoon and I sat with her a while until she was happy. She's wandering around exploring now. Mook remained hidden until about 6 this evening, and I was able to put her in the room with Chocko. She looks shell-shocked.

boom box

There are three guys working on this. They are all very friendly, and seem to work well together. They had the boom box playing Spanish songs all day, and one or the other of them would often sing along, at the top of their voice. They seemed happy, which is good.

Meanwhile, I was sequestered in my office trying to finish this 50-slide presentation that my classmates and I have to submit this evening. 50 slides. That's what happens when you ask 5 overachievers to work together on something.

I will be so glad when this week is over.
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