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February 2--The beat is a tuber

It was good to be back in the relative peace and quiet of the campus today. Someone asked me if I enjoyed my day off yesterday. "Endured is a better word," I replied. I am a creature of habit, and like my normal home environment--my easy chair in the family room where I like to take a nap, my office where I can recharge my batteries. I'm like the cats--I dislike disruption in my routine and in my space.

landing strip

In any case, things are moving along. They have finished the family room, the laundry room, and one of the bathrooms. The strip above is meant to be our connection to the rest of the house once they start in the main room. For now, we hop across it to get from one side of the house to the other. You can't really tell in the above picture, but it looks pretty good.

The cats are ok. They came out last night and were back to their old selves once they realized the workers were really gone for the day. Chock led Mook around and showed her that it was safe. Then they both ate and hung out near us. This morning we put them in their safe room with some food, water, and a place to pee, and they hid out there until the workers were gone again.

Chocko and the giant Hello Kitty

In other news, I went to a meeting at the hospital where I take my students. It was the diabetes group--educators, pharmacists, dietitians, and a physician. They meet monthly to strategize about how to manage diabetes in the inpatient setting.

I asked to attend the meeting since diabetes is the focus of my doctoral work, and I need to make some connections. At the end of the meeting I introduced myself and talked about what I was studying. I added that I needed to get in some additional clinical hours to fulfill my 1000 hour clinical requirement, and asked if anyone needed help with any projects. Pretty much every hand in the room went up. I mentioned that I was studying how to identify undiagnosed diabetics, and they were very interested. I don't know if I will be able to do my formal project there, but I think it will be an opportunity to get the additional hours I need, which has been a low level stressor since I started.

I get nervous when I go to meetings like this where no one knows me. I get these moments where I feel like an imposter, pretending to be something I'm not. I have read that this is not uncommon with doctoral students, although I have had these moments all my life. I have to remind myself that I do belong here, and that I bring something to the table. And then I assume the role of being who I really am.
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