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February 4--the golden tile is laid (or something like that)

They are almost done. They laid the last tile this afternoon. Tomorrow the son of the head guy comes and cleans everything up, and then they come back Saturday to grout, move the furniture back, and that's it. At least until a week from Monday, when the carpet people come to do the rest of the house.

We didn't worry about the cats this morning--just left all the rooms with their hiding places open. They both came out as soon as the guys left and asked for cat treats. I guess they are acclimating. Since all their hiding places are in the rooms that will be carpeted, I'm just gonna put them in the bathroom for the day when that day comes.

My students had their first full day of caring for a couple of patients, and they did great. This is really an amazing group. They are smart and hard working, and don't complain about anything. I will savor this semester.

waving hi in post conference
one of them even brought brownie bites!

The hall leading to my home office, where I usually hang out is inaccessible, so I am sitting at the kitchen table, which is jammed into a corner, and surrounded by stacks of furniture. It's ok, the end is in sight.

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