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February 12--one a half down

I am blessed with a four-day weekend thanks to Presidents Lincoln and Washington, and the teacher's union. I spent pretty much all of today clearing out the guest room and the difficult half of my office in anticipation of new carpet coming on Monday. My back hurts, but it was actually kind of fun. I went through old boxes throwing stuff away and discovering stuff I forgot I had.

guest room

The dark spots on the carpet are from when Mook decided to chew up a gel ink pen. I had to give her a bath after, and then wrapped her in a blanket.

I found a copy of the college newspaper from 1989. I kept it because there was a story in it about my nursing graduation, and it mentioned me as one of the class speakers. I would later work on the newspaper as the photo editor in 2007-2008 when I went back and studied photography.

The interesting thing is that the student who wrote the article went on to become a journalist, and work for the alternative weekly where I worked as a photographer, and we worked on some stories together. Now she is the editor of the alternative weekly, as well as a journalism professor at the college. She misspelled my name in the article.


I bought some paint and painting supplies to paint my office on Sunday. I picked a color called "parchment". My office is the only room that didn't get painted when the rest of the house was done, because there was too much stuff to move. Now it is half empty, and ready for a new look.
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