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February 13--Sitting in a mostly empty room

I spent the early morning finishing up in my office, and got most everything out except for this computer and the table it is sitting on. I'll take it out (or cover it) tomorrow when I paint, but I need to do homework too, so I have to have access to it.

At 10 we went to our accountant to look at our taxes. He looks at the computer screen for a while and says, half to himself, "hmmmm--uh oh", which always means we will have to pay. I thought that leaving my high paying nursing job for a low paying teaching job would have made a difference, but it doesn't. I was bummed out for a while, but it didn't last too long.

We came back and worked cleaning out the rest of the rooms. I have 8 boxes of LPs, which are really heavy. I have been hauling them around for years and years. I should get rid of them. I can remember back when my only home furnishings were some boards stacked on top of concrete blocks, which held my stereo, and stacks and stacks of albums. I don't think I would exchange the comforts of my life now for those days, but there is a certain simplicity to it all that I miss.


All our stuff is stacked up in the living room. The other rooms are so neat and uncluttered now. I am hoping we can maintain that a bit after this is all done. We shall see.

This afternoon I attended a board meeting for the nursing alumni association. I have mentioned previously that it was in danger of extinction because it was pretty much the class of 1959 and me. I had created a Facebook page and was able to attract some of my friends, and now one of my former students is the treasurer, and a former co-worker is the secretary. One of my current students is helping with recruitment, and we have a very dynamic woman who has stepped up to be the president. Everyone is relieved that we have some new blood to carry on for the time being.

I came home and taped up the office so I can start painting tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I painted a room, but some of my ancestors were painters, so it is in the blood. I guess.
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