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February 16--Nothing in particular

It's nice to have nothing much to write about today. I went to work, updated a lecture, listened to my office colleagues try to figure something out, had a meeting with a woman from the university that we are collaborating with, came home, did some homework, took a nap, got up and put my record albums away (all 8 boxes of them), ate a nice salad, watched the first episode of the OJ Simpson thing that I recorded, then read stuff on the internet for a while before ending up here.

I didn't take a picture today. I thought about taking a picture of my right thumb. I sort of half ripped off my thumbnail the other day, and have a hello kitty bandage on to protect it, but it is too dark to get a good shot.

I looked into my archives and found a favorite shot from when I was in Thailand five years ago.

Lan & Nim

It is of my brother-in-law Lan, and our niece Nim, who was about 3 at the time. She was born a few months after Malida and I were married, 8 years ago. I call this picture "The Two Innocents".

Lan is pretty well incapacitated by mental illness, but he and I get along well and love each other. I gave him the hat he is wearing in the photo, the year before, and he wore it every day until I got him a new one. Whenever I visit, he always digs into his treasure and gives me something important to him--maybe a book where he made notes, or a belt buckle or something. I keep them all. Before he became ill he was a school teacher. Whenever Malida calls to see how they are doing, Lan always asks, "When is Michael coming back?"


Another of Lan, when we visited the village where Grandma lives. Whenever I look at this picture, I wonder what he is thinking about. Were I to caption this, I would call it "Lan lost in the wilderness".

Interestingly, Nim often asks when I am coming back as well. Whenever I am there, she is like my shadow. She loves that I like to take pictures of her. I was standing around one day and she came up to me and asked (in Thai), aren't you going to take my picture?


So I did.
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