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February 17--The squirrel

The building I work in, Mohr Hall, is U shaped. In the center of the U are the administrative offices and some classrooms. On one side of the U is the nursing department, and on the other side is Geology or something like that. Lots of rocks everywhere over there. The girl's bathroom is on our side because girls become nurses, and the boy's room is over in Geology, because boys play with rocks. I guess. Anyway, they are tearing the building down next year, and when they build the new building, the nursing area will have a men's room.

When I was going to nursing school there, the Geology side also had a seismograph. I don't know what ever happened to it, but it was the coolest thing in the building.

One of the guys who teaches over on that side likes to open his window and put food out for the squirrels on the window ledge. They climb right up and take whatever they want, and then sit outside the window chowing down. I couldn't tell what was on the menu today, but it looked like some sort of fruit. Maybe it was peanuts again.


When I was taking photography classes there about 10 years ago, I took a picture of a squirrel eating a See's candy sucker. I showed it to the photography teacher and he told me everyone who has ever taken pictures on campus has a "squirrel eating something" picture.

old squirrel

I wonder if they are related?

Finally, someone wondered what Nim might look like now. We were there a year ago, and this is what she looks like as of a year ago. She took me out to see her dad working in the rice field, but thought I ought to be taking her picture instead of his.

Nim at 7
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