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February 18--No, more like a Yoko Ono thing

We had a lovely rainstorm last night that seemed to last the entire night. I had the window open a bit and it was like a lullaby. I love the sound of the rain.

My students are doing well. This is the week they are settling into the basics, and I start asking them more difficult questions about their patients, and show them how to put all the pieces together. That's why this is my favorite semester to teach clinical. I love seeing the flashes of insight that occur when they begin to see the big picture for the first time instead of the one piece they are focusing on in front of them. I try to make it a teaching moment rather than a "you're on the spot" moment, but they still get nervous.

I sit down at one of the computers in the morning and pull up the electronic medical record and see all my students' patients. I spend about 3-4 minutes looking at each one and making some notes. Mostly just a few words and the significant labs. Then I ask the student to tell me a little about their patient. As they get better at answering my questions, I make the questions harder.

At the end of the day we all meet for a while and each student shares with the group one thing they learned that day. I love hearing what they are thinking about. I also encourage them to share their mistakes, with the caveat that it stays in the room. Nursing school can be so punitive sometimes, way beyond the necessary mandate to keep patients safe. It should be a place where it is ok to learn and grow from your mistakes. I think that will be the focus of my next doctorate, lol.

I took a picture of some chocolate eggs today, but was left dissatisfied, so here's a picture of some Laotian cows on the banks of the Mekong.

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