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February 19--Again on the banks of the Mekong

mekong boys

This was from four years ago. We spent a couple days on the Mekong river near the Lao border--it's about an hour from our house in Thailand. It is a great place to get away for a day or two. There are a couple of national parks up that way too, so lots to see.

We were staying at a place on the river and rented a boat one morning to go see these rock formations. While we were wandering around these four boys showed up to swim, and I photographed them for a while. I think this is one of my favorite photographs from that trip. I love the energy that is implied in their movement. It really was a great spot for a swim.


Here's another one that gives a sense of the landscape.


These guys were brothers.

One more memory tomorrow, and then it is back to the present.
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