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February 21--Outstanding in her field.

I spent the morning working on my scholarly project. Each class we take walks us through part of the process. We learn how to complete an element, and then refine as we go along. I was working on a literature summary today, evaluating the strength of the evidence. I keep finding new articles that are better than the old ones, which is a good thing.

dr Mook
I was assisted by my esteemed colleague, the young Dr. Mook.

One of the things I found as I was pulling stuff out of closets last week was a painting that my grandfather did back in 1973. He was never a great artist, but he loved doing it and continued to paint, sculpt, and photograph until the end of his life.

still life

He put this up in their kitchen near the breakfast table. I put it up in our kitchen, near the same breakfast table. Somewhere I have a photo of me as a baby, perched on that table. I like the idea that every day I sit at a table that I have been sitting at for my entire life.

Here is what he wrote on the back of the painting:

dear mama

In the afternoon I assembled a stew, that I let cook in the dutch oven. It cooked for a few hours while I continued to work on my assignment. It was delicious, but Malida lamented that it wasn't very spicy. Some western food just hits her that way. It tasted just about right to me. Maybe I will put in some turnips next time.

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